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Press Kit

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Echo is a community of podcast listeners.

Listening to podcasts for most people is a solo endeavour. It’s you, your headphones and the awesome world the podcast host has created. We want to add another member that that group, your friends.

If you want a better sense of which podcasts your friends are listening to, what recommendations they have, and a convenient place to chat about these podcasts, Echo is for you. The key feature in Echo is to echo out a podcast recommendation to your community. This tells your followers that you have listened to something that you’ve enjoyed and they should check out as well.

Daniel Mathews (@dmathewwws) is the founder of Echo. For a brief intro on Daniel, I am an coder, a podcast fan and an instructor at a local bootcamp that teaches students to build iOS apps. I personally have been there for 2 years and have helped teach just over 100 students how to code, and it is something I am very proud of.

iOS Screenshots

You can find a link to Echo on the iOS App Store here


Android Screenshots

You can find a link to Echo on the Google Play Store here


Other Assets

iOS App Icon

Android App Icon

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We are headquartered in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. 🇨🇦

If you would like to reach us:


Twitter: @echopodcasts

Facebook: echopodcasts